best wall art decor ideas for living room

Abstract wall art large play an important role in interior design because without them, a space will become lackluster. No one likes bare walls, which is why it is always nice to hang things on it for an instant burst of color. With the help of the wall art, you can add vitality to any dull space, because it creates a focal point that can instantly draw the eye. It can spice up a simple dining area or provide a cozy feel to a seating area. It brings texture and even creates a tone for the entire room.

There are three things to consider when choosing wall art for your living space. The first is a handpainted painting, which depends on personal taste. The second is the size of the piece. An abstract painting that is too small in size may be seen against the surrounding furniture, while large abstract paintings that are too large look like it spilling over. The third is the overall look. This means that your artwork should blend seamlessly with the decoration. Otherwise, you will end up …

The Application Of Wood Design In Indoor Living Space

the wood from nature, has a unique affinity, its color, texture, touch and so on constitute its unique material beauty. Whether in the past or the present, wood has been widely used in architectural design, interior design and home design. It is a kind of friendly material, which greatly promotes the creation of environmental space and closely integrates with people's lives. People's life brings a sense of intimacy, greatly improving the comfort and quality of people's lives.

 (1) The relationship between wood and indoor living space
The display of living space is actually a combination of various wooden materials. The different combinations form reflect the psychological characteristics of space - our feelings, this is the expression of wood on the design. The expression of wood on indoor living space reflects the following points: First, the expression of emotion: according to the smooth, rough, delicate, soft and hard texture of wood, the cold and warm color features and the light and shadow effects of light and dark are fully reflected. The designer or the occupant is passionate, bold, open-minded, and open-minded. The second is style expression: different combinations of wood or different combinations of the same kind of wood to express various design styles .

(2). Wood visual design
The visual sense of wood is to observe the feeling through their eyes, it is easy for us to observe the wood color, texture and other phenomena.contrast and combination in the same environment, causing people's psychological effects .

(3). The color of wood material
Color is the first language in the visual design of wood, so that we can not ignore the characteristics. Many of the things we distinguish in our area are based on their color, which is described by color. For example, letting you describe a banana, you will definitely mention yellow, and visible color gives people great expressive power. So is the wood, in the design, the different colors of wood can express emotions, and  it can convey emotions, and resonate with people's psychology and physiology.

 (4). The sound insulation and sound absorption of wood materials
 Voice pass through the surface acoustic waves, and some will refract. Some of them will be absorbed by the vibration of the wood itself, and some will be transmitted.Therefore, in our indoor living, using wooden doors, windows, ceilings, floors or wooden furniture, etc., using the good sound absorption of wood, we can feel harmonious and give people a sense of quiet.


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