Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

Decorative picture books hanging on the white wall attract people's attention. If the color and pattern of the painting are exaggerated a little more, then the effect will certainly be more brilliant. American leather sofa with light yellow fishing landing lamp, warm corners are instantly created, and then the Impressionist decorative paintings on the wall are adjusted by many colors.

Living room background wall decoration
Comments: with a bit of Japanese-style living room design, sofa background wall pure white bottom, with a rustic yellow picture frame with black pattern decoration paintings to a simple white wall bring a very good sense of color layers,after the collocation of the wall white effect is better.The living room itself is elegant and comfortable, so the decorative paintings do not need to use many intricate and complex patterns and colors. As long as they are consistent with the overall tone, they w…

A Little Design Helped To Take A Long Walk In This Bedroom And Living Room Wall Decor

The jobs keep the two Louisville, Kentucky homeowners very busy. Gretchen Wigand is a periodontal doctor and Jeff Newborn IV is a dentist who spent the week traveling between his dental clinics. When they finally relaxed together on the weekend, they-together with their cat, Winnie-retreated to the master bedroom.

They 've been trying to redecorate the room, but they're not sure how to finish it. As a result, the couple turned to a designer who quickly transformed the room into the exquisite leisure place they wanted through simple and effective interior design changes.

1.Living Room Wall Decor . Wigand replaced the 3D sea urchin art above the headboard, and the frame art better filled the wall space and highlighted the black paint. Wigand found this artwork in a local store. The frame artwork perfectly complements the color of the headboard, Cotter Dorazil said. "I like the exaggerated cream pad in stark contrast to the dark gray behind it," she said. Duplicate brass frames provide beautiful lines on prominent walls and also guide eyes from bed to wall to ceiling.

2.Layered Windows. Designers like layers of window care. Curtains are the main source of light control in the bedroom, but they are cumbersome to operate. The designer fixes the curtain panel, inserts a pad at the top, and inserts a plastic "S" band at the hem to define the folding. Then, to protect the light and privacy, she installed the woven shutters.

Lights. The chandelier protrudes from a 12-foot-high ceiling and helps to polish the rest area, Cotter Dorazil said. The round light bulb of the lamp brings modernity to the classic outline of the lantern, while the Chrome finish on the frame reflects the natural light from the window.

3.Blue chair. Niuboen used a good book to unlock in his spare time, so Cotter Dorazil found this blue leather chair and ottoman for him. Comfort is as comfortable as his old chair, but blue leather looks more luxurious in the sitting area than red chairs. The soft focus pillow brings luxury to the sitting area.The final design of the bedroom and sitting area includes a variety of styles, with modern chandeliers, medieval leather chairs and eclectic stump side tables."The most interesting space for me is a room that spans genre and combines unexpected elements," Cotter Dorazil said. "This design captures traditional, transitional, modern and medieval styles. "


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