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Abstract wall art large play an important role in interior design because without them, a space will become lackluster. No one likes bare walls, which is why it is always nice to hang things on it for an instant burst of color. With the help of the wall art, you can add vitality to any dull space, because it creates a focal point that can instantly draw the eye. It can spice up a simple dining area or provide a cozy feel to a seating area. It brings texture and even creates a tone for the entire room.

There are three things to consider when choosing wall art for your living space. The first is a handpainted painting, which depends on personal taste. The second is the size of the piece. An abstract painting that is too small in size may be seen against the surrounding furniture, while large abstract paintings that are too large look like it spilling over. The third is the overall look. This means that your artwork should blend seamlessly with the decoration. Otherwise, you will end up …

Correggio-living room wall decor

Living room wall decor-Correggio (1489-1534) Antonio alegli was born in correggio,Great Big Canvas  a small village near padua, northern Italy.
I have been influenced by local painters since childhood.
When I was 17 years old, I saw the works of many westerners and others,Black And White Painting and absorbed the perspective painting method of human depiction and the colors of Venetian painting school. In particular, I admired leonardo Da Vinci, who made him have a profound study and understanding of chiaroscuro progressive method.
His paintings combine the characteristics of Da Vinci, Raphael and Venetian school to form his own unique style.
This style has been called "pre-baroque" by later generations.
Correggio's early works are simple and lyrical.
His most outstanding contribution lies in his extremely rich imagination,Contemporary Painting and he developed the zenith fresco that can create the illusion of space depth, with unique composition and strong color, to achieve the artistic effect of false and true, which will make people feel dazzling.
He once made the mural "the virgin rose to heaven" for the roof of the main church of padua. The roof of the painting seems to be lifted, creating a vivid and illusory image of the virgin rose to the sky with a strong sense of movement.
In his later years, correggio depicted many charming female mythological images with hedonistic tendencies. He was good at creating a relaxed and happy mood in the picture and dared to depict sexy naked women and scenes.
"Jupiter and IO" in Greek mythology, the king of the gods known as Jupiter in Roman mythology, he has had seven wives, and at the same time, many beautiful women such as antiope, danae, Europa, lida, semele, Helen, IO, and other personal relationships.LARGE ABSTRACT MINIMALIST ART, BLACK WHITE YELLOW

IO was the chief priestess of Juno, and because Jupiter had fallen in love with IO, she had turned her into a heifer and had given her to the Argus to watch out for out of jealousy.
Jupiter hermes killed the Argus, and Juno sent a great gadfly after IO, leaving her no place to hide.
Eventually, she escaped to Egypt.
There, Jupiter had restored her human form and turned Juno into a cloud for the eos.
The picture depicts the tryst.
Almost a half of the scene, the thick grey and black smoke is a magical and intense contrast to IO's graceful, charming and ecstatic figure, and the thin taste of the smoke is invisible to Jupiter.
His head loomed, but his human form was something else, and it was this shadowy, if non-existent, resourceful, fantastic Jove that made IO at this moment seem overjoyed and indulgent..
This is the masterpiece of Italian Renaissance painter correggio.
The parma painter could hardly belong to any school. His works have the tenderness and delicacy of Da Vinci's art and the elegance of Raphael's art.
There is the unexpected imagination in Michelangelo's art, and the subtle, rich and wonderful colors of the Venetian school.
Although his subject range is almost limited to bible stories and classical myths, it reflects humanistic spirit and secular emotion.
Although he was in the heyday of the Renaissance, his works had the tendency of the later popular baroque art;
Therefore, it should be said that correggio is not only an outstanding painter in the heyday of the Renaissance, but also an explorer with advanced consciousness


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