Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

Decorative picture books hanging on the white wall attract people's attention. If the color and pattern of the painting are exaggerated a little more, then the effect will certainly be more brilliant. American leather sofa with light yellow fishing landing lamp, warm corners are instantly created, and then the Impressionist decorative paintings on the wall are adjusted by many colors.

Living room background wall decoration
Comments: with a bit of Japanese-style living room design, sofa background wall pure white bottom, with a rustic yellow picture frame with black pattern decoration paintings to a simple white wall bring a very good sense of color layers,after the collocation of the wall white effect is better.The living room itself is elegant and comfortable, so the decorative paintings do not need to use many intricate and complex patterns and colors. As long as they are consistent with the overall tone, they w…

Styling-living room wall decor

Mannerism, the art school of Italy in the middle and late 16th century, represents the conservative tendency of pursuing form after the decline of the high Renaissance.
living room wall decor
A word derived from the Italian maniera, which means both artistic style and life style, and contains elegance and grace.
Since the 1620s, a group of artists who admired the elegant style of Michelangelo and Raphael, and sought novelty, were regarded as the style school by later generations.

The word has been pejorative and sardonic since the 17th century.
Since 1920, the western art historians have re-evaluated the stylistics,Large Canvas Art Cheap believing that it was a unique school between the high Renaissance art and baroque art, and that its style had its own social background and formed an international influence in Western Europe.
At present, the discussion is still in depth, and there are many controversial points, which is a key issue in the study of Renaissance and modern art development.

The characteristic of stylistics is that it goes against the basic principles of Renaissance art and differs from the later baroque art.
Although it imitates the masters such as Michelangelo, it only has its form but loses its spirit.Large Wall Art Generally speaking, the works of stylistics pay attention to the depiction of human body, especially the nude, but with weird posture and exaggerated muscle expression close to deformity.
Many painting topics obscure, or unique to make people difficult to understand;
The layout is more like a fantasy structure, and gives play to the perspective skills at will.
Color is also strange and unnatural.
But these characteristics are shown in the basic form of the Renaissance achievements,Large Canvas Art Cheap  so the overall style of new art is still intact, only a detailed investigation can distinguish it.
Because of this, stylistics is still regarded as the representative of the new Renaissance style in some countries.
In the development stage, the formalism can be divided into two periods: the early period from 1515 to 1540, in which the above anti-classicism features are most intense;
From 1540 to 1590, these characteristics had the tendency of academic school, which was more elaborate on the basis of the various styles of the Renaissance masters during the period of extensive harvest.


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