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best wall art decor ideas for living room

Abstract wall art large play an important role in interior design because without them, a space will become lackluster. No one likes bare walls, which is why it is always nice to hang things on it for an instant burst of color. With the help of the wall art, you can add vitality to any dull space, because it creates a focal point that can instantly draw the eye. It can spice up a simple dining area or provide a cozy feel to a seating area. It brings texture and even creates a tone for the entire room.

There are three things to consider when choosing wall art for your living space. The first is a handpainted painting, which depends on personal taste. The second is the size of the piece. An abstract painting that is too small in size may be seen against the surrounding furniture, while large abstract paintings that are too large look like it spilling over. The third is the overall look. This means that your artwork should blend seamlessly with the decoration. Otherwise, you will end up …

Large wall decor ideas for living room

Ah, wall space. It's always great to have it-but what happens when you have too many things and you don't know how to deal with it? If you are lucky to have a two-story entryway or another large blank space in your home, then you may like the spacious space and provide a warm welcome to guests.

However, you may also regret the wall space to be filled. What are you hanging in the two-story foyer? Abstract canvas art large artworks are great but expensive. Similarly, in theory, it is a good idea to enlarge the prints you already own, but custom framing for this painted art can be cost-prohibitive as well.

However, there are some smart ideas that can save the day. From DIY projects to affordable artworks, here's how to fill that space without breaking the bank.

Hanging shower curtain as artwork
Let's start with something you might never have thought of. Did you know that beautiful shower curtains can be used as a large canvas painting in the two-story foyer? it's tru…